Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Georgetown Nanny a childcare referral service?

Yes. Georgetown Nanny is a full service nanny agency. We provide short-term and long-term childcare, as well as direct hire placement services.

What is the difference between Occasional Care, Frequent Care and Direct Hire?

Occasional Care is for families with short-term or immediate childcare needs such as date night care or babysitting. Frequent Care accounts are for families who want long-term nanny or babysitter care without having to hire a nanny as a household employee. Direct Hire is for families who wish to hire a nanny as a household employee. Frequent Care account fees are $475 annually. Occasional Care accounts are $99 per use, charged no more than once per 30 days. Direct Hire requires a $495 application fee to open an account, and a final placement fee is due when you hire your nanny.
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How does the Nanny Direct Hire Permanent Placement process work?

Families interested in hiring a Georgetown Nanny may start the process by opening a Family Direct Hire Account and paying a $495 application fee. Once you hire your nanny, a final placement fee is made.
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Is there a limit on the number of Nannies I can interview?

Families with Direct Hire accounts have no limit to the number of nannies they may interview. In most cases families will interview 2 to 4 candidates before selecting one. We do ask for a review of each candidate to narrow our search to your needs more efficiently.

How soon can a Nanny start?

Georgetown Nanny’s staffing service provides short-term or on-call nannies with 48 hours notice. In some cases we can accommodate an immediate need. Email us or call us to inquire.

What if I don’t like the Nanny I’ve chosen?

We go to great lengths to pre-screen our Nannies and to fully understand our families’ requirements to best match nanny and family. In the unlikely event that the Nanny of your choice does not work out, we will work with you to find a more suitable Nanny as quickly as possible.  If your decision to switch nannies is within the first 90 days of a hired Nanny’s employment, we will not charge you a second placement fee for the new Nanny.  We are committed to your satisfaction.

What are the ways I can pay my Nanny?

With Direct Hire, you can pay the Nanny yourself as you would any household employee or you can use our Staffing Service.  We can also refer you to a household accounting firm that many of our clients use. For Frequent Care and Occasional Care nanny services, you must pay with a credit card. Payments are accepted by phone or on our website.

What if I have a child with special needs?

We cater to ALL children and ALL families. We have nannies who specialize in the care of children with a variety of needs, including children with disabilities. Let us know your challenges. We will find your ideal Nanny.