A Great Nanny is Gifted – and a gift!

14 Oct, 2016

A Great Nanny is Gifted – and a gift!

Whether your child is 15 days old or 15 years old, you may find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands or eyes to help supervise them and to create free time to get things done. Having a Nanny is ideal when your family needs personalized childcare.

A Nanny is someone who knows your preferences and your family routines. They know where to take the kids for their after school activities and when to pick them up. They know your children’s allergies and abilities, and steer them towards foods and activities in their best in interest. Nannies know how to find great neighborhood parks and supervise impromptu games of kick ball to release that pent-up energy kids often have, that parents would prefer not to be released in the house.

Great Nannies become invested in the accomplishments of your children, sharing your desire to make sure they succeed. So they watch behaviors and encourage developmental milestones and teach manners. They may also run errands for busy parents, taking on tasks like laundry and grocery store trips, cooking meals, preparing baths, and following up on chores and homework. They may hear things from kids that parents may not. The latest gossip from school or embarrassing moments that they may not want to share with their parents.

The Nanny is a parent’s eyes and ears and often a soft place for a child to land, with open loving arms when you have to be away from your child. How does having a Nanny compare to daycare? It doesn’t. Your child has an ultimate accommodation when they have a Nanny: the ability to spend one-on-one time with a person whose job it is to focus on their individual needs. It’s priceless.

Trust Georgetown Nanny to help with your family’s search for a great Nanny. From short-term care needs like sitters and back-up care to permanent full-time positions, we have just the right candidates for the most important job in the world: caring for your child. To get started with us, register for your Family Account.