Membership Levels

You are just one click away from finding the very best nanny.

Opening any type of Family Account allows you browse our exclusive Nanny Directory. Direct Hire account holders are welcome to select nannies to interview. Frequent Care and Occasional Care are welcome to browse and inquire about specific nannies. We will make every effort to send a nanny of your choice, however there is no guarantee that the nanny you request will be available for your job.

For all jobs, we require a service contract, payment of placement fees, and a signed Nanny/Parent Agreement before the nanny starts working. Scroll down to read full membership benefit details.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ACCOUNT FEES: Per our Terms of Service, please note that payment of a family account fee is required to begin any service. Account fees are non-refundable. Payment of the account fee is acceptance of Georgetown Nanny’s Terms of Service. No obligation is incurred without payment of the account fee.

Not ready to join yet? Want to find out if we can meet your needs before you join? No problem. Submit a Family Questionnaire to tell us about your needs–it’s FREE to complete your questionnaire and discuss your needs with our Placement Specialists. Or send us a message with the details of your childcare needs. We’re here to help!

Level Price  
Family Application Only Free
Membership expires after 31 Days.
Family Occasional Care Account $99.00 now.
Membership expires after 31 Days.
Family Frequent Care Account $475.00 now.
Membership expires after 12 Months.
Family Direct Hire Account $495.00 now. Select

Are you a Nanny?

This page is for families. If you are a nanny interested in job opportunities, we invite you to submit your application and complete a background check to join Georgetown Nanny.

Account Level Benefits


$ 99per month

Occasional Care

  • Ideal for short-term or on-call nanny services.
  • Fee covers unlimited service requests within a 30 day period.
  • You may post and update your position description(s) as needed.
  • Payment of nanny hourly wages is offered in half-day or full day increments.
  • Convenient payment through our website.
$ 475per year

Frequent Care

  • Ideal for long-term childcare without hiring a nanny.
  • Fee covers unlimited service requests for 12 months.
  • You may post and update your position description(s) as needed.
  • Choose a long-term arrangement with one or more nannies.
  • Priority fulfillment of on-call requests for unscheduled service.
  • Weekly invoices for nanny hourly wages.
  • Convenient online payment options.
$ 495application fee

Direct Hire

  • Ideal for families hiring a nanny as a household employee.
  • Fee begins agency contract for full-service permanent placement.
  • You may select and interview any Georgetown Nanny who matches to your needs.
  • Optionally, we will recruit and screen candidates matching your needs.
  • We conduct background checks and verify employment eligibility.

Choose the account type that best suits your childcare needs. Our straightforward account pricing means no “Agency Fee” is added to your nanny wage payments.

Need a sitter for a date night, sick child care or other occasional care? Open an Occasional Care Account. The $99 account fee covers unlimited nanny service requests for 30 days. You pay nanny wages in half-day (4 hours) or full-day (8 hours) payments. Overtime hours are billed at 125% of hourly wage. All Occasional Care Accounts become dormant after 30 days unless you choose to renew monthly. You may reactivate a dormant account anytime.

For ongoing childcare needs without the hiring process, choose a Frequent Care Account. The annual fee of $475 covers unlimited nanny service requests for one year. During the year you are welcome to work with one or more nannies, and to request a replacement nanny if you find a candidate is not a good fit for any reason.

If your family is looking for direct hire placement of a nanny or household manager, we invite you to open a Direct Hire account. The application fee of $495 begins the Direct Hire process. Final fees are assessed as a percentage of the nanny’s annual compensation.